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Email Continuity Frequently Asked Questions
Email Continuity FAQs

How long does it take for your service to be ready after we submit the order? We have a client that needs to have it set up in 24 hours.
Can I view a demonstration of the Mail Bagging and/or the Email Continuity service?
What will happen if I do not have a Webservio Mail Bagging (aka MX Backup) solution?
What is Email Continuity and when would I use it?
What if I have no Internet access for an extended period of time, yet I still need to continue my email communication?
When my mail server goes down and I am sending messages from my Email Continuity Web-based account, will my email recipients see an unfamiliar address?
What does Exchange continuity mean?
Does Webservio's Email Continuity product work with any version of Exchange server?
Will emails always go through your MX Failover (MX Backup) server first and then hit our Exchange server, or would emails go through your server only when our Exchange server is down?
What will happen to emails if my business is offline (server is down, no power, etc...)?
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