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Email Continuity Features

Our Email Continuity solutions combine mail bagging, anti-spam/virus filtering, and continuous email services to provide your organization with the ultimate in email disaster recovery.

  • Anti-spam and virus filtering

    Filtering preserves your network integrity, saves valuable storage space, and provides the most efficient service possible. This exclusive feature allows administrators to:

    • Approve/block senders
    • Flush "false positives" to the mail bagging service
  • "Mini-archive" feature

    Users will have access to a specified time frame of email history to work from during primary mail server downtime.

  • Import contacts

    Add contacts in VCard format to the Email Continuity system.

  • Smart SMTP technology

    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used to efficiently deliver all correspondence from the Email Continuity system back to your primary mail server.

  • Customization

    Because our solutions come in a variety of platforms, they are completely scalable and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Further Considerations

When choosing any Email Continuity solution, the following criteria should be taken into consideration:

  1. Total company email volume - including spam
  2. The number of domains requiring service activation
  3. The number of users requiring Email Continuity service
  4. Does your organization require continuous anti-spam/virus filtering or do you need filtering only during primary mail server downtime?
  5. Will the Email Continuity accounts utilize the "mini-archive" feature?

Webservio offers VPS, Dedicated, and Shared server environments. Read more to learn about the advantages of each option:

VPS Email Continuity with Dedicated server option

Shared Email Continuity


The Next Step

View our packages to find a solution suited to your organizational requirements. Because we specialize in enterprise-level solutions, we also offer superb support packages to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

If you would like assistance evaluating your organization’s needs, contact us to receive a Free Analysis by one of our talented professionals. This analysis ensures that you have an email continuity solution that is customized to your needs so you don’t overpay for an off-the-shelf product that may not be appropriate for your situation.

Webservio proposals are prepared with easy to understand language and include diagrams to clearly illustrate how our proposed solution will function if you are faced with server downtime. As part of this Free Analysis, we will demonstrate why you cannot afford to have your server down for days by calculating that cost for you.