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Google terminated all Postini services on June 15, 2015. The filtering service has been combined into the Google Apps offering.

Webservio offers Google Apps service in addition to a wide selection of other email security options, including Edgewave, McAfee, Mimecast, Proofpoint, SpamWeeder Premium, and Symantec. We also offer a Postini Migration service for anyone still on the old Postini system.

Please contact us if you are unsure which solution would be best-suited to meet your company's requirements or if you have any other questions.

Postini Anti-Spam Filtering Benefits

  • Postini LogoShield your MX record

Every domain has at least one mail exchange record (MX record) to relay emails to the correct address. If your mail server has only one MX record, it is exposed to the public for spammers to easily view and access. Inevitably, junk mail, viruses, and harmful messages will flood your unprotected mail server. 

With Postini Email Security, your mail server will be sheltered from the outside world by up to four MX records provided to you upon setup of your Postini® service. No messages will reach your system without first routing through this anti-spam and anti-virus filter. Your server and MX record will be safe from infiltration and protected from malicious or junk emails.

  • Protect the repution of your mail server 

If your MX record is not sheltered from public view, spammers can “borrow” your mail server and use it to send mass spam all over the Internet. Your server may then be placed on an email blacklist which would cause other domains, potentially those of your clients, to reject mail sent from your MX record. With Postini Email Security, your mail server will be sheltered from the outside world by up to four MX records provided to you upon setup of your Postini® service.

  • Block unsafe emails

Unwanted emails waste your resources and are potentially dangerous. Spam may redirect you to phishing sites that can compromise your personal information. By using Postini Email Security (aka Postini Inbound Filtering), you will block these unsafe emails. Messages received by your employees will not put your privacy in jeopardy, and your overall security will be increased.


Pros and Cons of Postini



  • Proven Technology – Used by over 6 million end users in law firms, financial institutions, hospitals, medical organizations, and a number of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Cost-effective – Saves time, prevents your server from being compromised, protects the reputation of your business.
  • Secure – Provides comprehensive protection from email-borne threats, including Directory Harvest Attacks, mail bombs, and Denial of Service attacks.
  • Easy to Manage – After implementation, Postini works without daily management by IT staff
  • Accurate – Provides higher capture and lower false positive rates than any other solution
  • Flexible – Simple to modify preferences and settings, giving IT staff and end-users more control
  • Reduces Liability – Quarantines objectionable email content, such as sexually explicit and racially insensitive material
  • None – Webservio has found Postini to be the best anti-spam/virus filtering system available