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What Is Email Continuity?

Email continuity is a disaster mitigation plan that ensures:

  • Continuous email communication during an outage of your primary mail server due to natural disaster, hardware failure, and/or service outage.
  • Access, send, and receive emails during mail server downtime.
  • All messages are restored when your server becomes available.


Why Does My Business Need Email Continuity?


 Email Continuity Process

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If maintaining email continuity seems like an unnecessary expense, consider the cost of suddenly losing communications with stakeholders, customers, vendors, etc. Without email continuity, all emails sent to your organization would bounce back, leaving the senders confused and potentially causing you to lose important business opportunities.

Webservio can provide you with scalable email continuity service, allowing you to satisfy a critical component of your organization’s disaster recovery plan for an affordable cost. By using our Email Continuity services, your business correspondents will be unaware of any trouble with your mail server. Your business continuity is maintained!

How Email Continuity Works

When your primary mail server fails, our Email Continuity system temporarily takes the place of your mail server. Emails directed to the malfunctioning server are intercepted and copied to a Webmail access account. You can access this Web-based email interface from anywhere in the world, or use the email client from your office as if no server interruption was occurring. In that case, messages would be pulled in from the Email Continuity server via POP3 or IMAP.

When using the Webservio Email Continuity system, messages will still appear to your correspondents as if they came from your domain. Our Mail Bagging service (MX Backup) stores all emails sent and received for up to four days.

Once the server outage is repaired, your primary mail server will receive a complete history of all correspondence sent during the outage.  Our VPS-based Email Continuity systems also offer exclusive "mini-archive."  This option allows all users to have access to a specified time frame of email history to work from during any outage of the primary mail server.

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