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What Is Mail Relaying?

Mail Relaying is the process of sending email from your mail server to other mail servers outside of your organization. This process is sometimes referred to as “SMTP Relay”. 

These outgoing emails are often associated with mission-critical or time-sensitive business applications that contain informational items such as reservation bookings, customer service tickets, sales communications, billing invoices, etc.

Why Is Successful Relaying Important?

If your outgoing emails include digital marketing communications, such as newsletters or promotions, some of these messages could be labeled by filtering devices as spam. This might cause your server's IP address to be blacklisted, leading to email delivery delays and failures.

What's more, if your organization is hosting its email within a shared ISP environment, the mail server's IP reputation may have been compromised by another company that has nothing to do with yours. Nonetheless, your email delivery is affected because many organizations' emails are “sharing” the same IP address for a single mail server.

If your organization needs to enforce outgoing email compliance policies, relaying through one of Webservio's anti-spam/virus filtering services can ensure these policies are enforced across all sets or sub-sets of employees.

Mail Relaying Process 

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How Do I Learn More?

Contact us today to speak with one of our Mail Relaying specialists. Webservio can provide scalable relaying solutions to meet your requirements.