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What Is VPS Mail Bagging?

VPS Mail Bagging (VPS MX Backup) is offered to our clients whose email backup requirements exceed Webservio's Shared Mail Bagging limits and for system administrators who want to take charge of their email backup solution. With this system a portion of the Mail Bagging server's memory is partitioned to create a virtual private server (VPS). Each VPS can run its own operating system and be rebooted independent of any other VPSs on the server.

Using a VPS system gives you increased security and scalability. This is a cost-effective email backup solution for any organization with multiple domain names. A Web-based interface allows your system administrator to manage many features of the service.

If you choose to have a Dedicated Server, your domain(s) would still be in VPS form, but only your company's VPSs would be stored on that server. This offers an added level of security.

How VPS Mail Bagging Works

Webservio provides you with redundant backup MX records to add to your DNS. These additional records will have a lower priority so that they act as your backup MX records, which allows you to receive messages even when your mail server is busy or down. Messages sent to valid email addresses within your company during server downtime will be stored until your mail server is back online.

VPS Mail Bagging


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What sets Webservio's Mail Bagging service apart is our ability to apply anti-spam/virus filtering to all messages bagged for your domain(s). As a result, your network resources are not consumed with spam processing when your primary mail server becomes available.

Webservio's VPS Mail Bagging (VPS MX Backup) offers the benefits of increased security and scalability. It gives you administrative capability to manage multiple domain names. Our Standard, Express, and Power VPS Mail Bagging solutions come with universal access to the machine. A Web-based interface allows your system administrator to set up the MX backup service, view the queue of bagged emails, read and delete messages, and set other parameters, such as the email delivery attempt cycle for once your server becomes available. Our Lite VPS Mail Bagging plan allows the administrator to view the mail queue, flush the queue, and view the log file.


Pros and Cons of VPS Mail Bagging



  • Increased security and scalability
  • More administrative control
  • If you see that your VPS Mail Bagging system is nearing full capacity, you can request additional disk space
  • The only limitation within these systems is the amount of available storage space.
  • If you see that your VPS Mail Bagging system is nearing full capacity, you must request additional disk space before it reaches 80% capacity