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All Spam Filtering FAQs

Must I set up the Postini users for my domain myself?
Do I have control over user quarantines as a System Administrator?
What are HTML viruses?
Can I include domain or user aliases in my Postini account?
If one of my email users is not added to my Postini account, will that address continue to receive mail or will it be blocked?
We get messages from all over the world. Will Postini filter out our valid emails from other countries?
How will users know when they have email in their message quarantine?
Are there any instructions available to me for operating the user and administrator Postini accounts?
Does the Postini anti-spam solution increase the time or risk for sending out email?
Can I change the spam notification emails to come from my domain? I would like the email users to see our organization as the sender for the message queue reminder.
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