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McAfee SaaS Filtering Benefits

McAfee LogoFighting spam and other email threats is a constant battle. Spammers and worm authors are developing more and more ways to bypass spam filtering defenses. The advanced technology behind McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity is the key to defending your business network from the entire range of email threats.

  • A simple, no-hassle solution

    McAfee SaaS email solutions are always on, always up to date, require no additional hardware or software investment, and no extra time or resources to maintain. Using this comprehensive solution frees up your IT staff to work on other tasks.

  • Reduce bandwidth usage and prolong the life of your server(s)

    Since spam and email-based threats are stopped before reaching your network, the amount of mail your server receives is greatly reduced. This benefit saves valuable bandwidth and server storage space. In addition, a server that isn't working as hard lasts longer.

  • Use outbound filtering to protect your business interests

    McAfee SaaS filtering allows you to set parameters to block outbound emails that contain proprietary, inappropriate, or actionable content in either the message body or an attachment. In addition, McAfee SaaS gives you the ability to encrypt outgoing emails as needed.

  • Prevent your mail server from being blacklisted

    Using outbound filtering can ensure outgoing messages adhere to specified criteria so they are not flagged as spam by another filtering service. If some of your company's emails were labeled as spam, it might cause your server's IP address to be blacklisted, which could lead to delivery delays and failures for any mail sent from that server. Therefore, it is important to utilize measures, like outbound filtering, that monitor the content of outgoing emails, thereby protecting your mail server's reputation.

  • Ensure continuous access to email functionality

    The McAfee SaaS suite provides email failover. In the event of an outage of your primary mail server, McAfee's failover solution allows you to access incoming emails and still send messages. Being able to continue email communications with your customers and business partners lets business continue as usual. It also ensures that messages sent to your company email addresses are actually received instead of being bounced back to the sender.


Pros and Cons of McAfee SaaS Services



  • Proven Technology – Used by millions of end users in law firms, financial institutions, hospitals, medical organizations, and a rapidly increasing number of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Affordable Email Security & Continuity – No hardware or software to buy, maintain, or update.
  • Easy to Manage – McAfee SaaS comes with a single intuitive Web-based management console, making the whole system simple to manage.
  • Secure – Provides comprehensive perimeter IP filtering to block threats, including advanced spam and fraud protection, layered virus and worm scanning to block 100% of all known viruses, and email attack protection.
  • Accurate – Provides higher capture and lower false positive rates than any other solution
  • Flexible – Simple to modify preferences and settings, giving IT staff and end users more control
  • Reduces Liability – Quarantines objectionable email content, such as sexually explicit and racially insensitive material
  • Always-on Email Continuity - Seamless email continutiy protects your business reputation, operations, and productivity
  • Optional Archiving - Reduces email storage and mangement costs and satisfies e-discovery and compliance needs.
  • None – Webservio has found McAfee to be the most comprehensive SaaS Email Security system available.