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Google terminated all Postini services on June 15, 2015. The filtering service has been combined into the G Suite (Google Apps) offering.

Webservio offers G Suite (Google Apps) service in addition to a wide selection of other email security options, including Mimecast, Proofpoint, and SpamWeeder Premium. We also offer a Postini Migration service for anyone still on the old Postini system.

Please contact us if you are unsure which solution would be best-suited to meet your company's requirements or if you have any other questions.

Postini Anti-Spam Filtering Features

Postini® offers a full range of features with many options for user customization. Click on each feature below to view a more complete description.

  • Attack blocking and connection protection

  • Secure system with real-time filtering

  • Spam, virus, and content filtering

  • Message quarantine and retrieval

  • Sheltering your MX record

  • Optional directory server synchronization

  • Easy setup

  • Web-based message center

  • Scalable and customizable user management

  • Scalable administration

  • User access

  • Graphs, reports, and other administrator tools

  • Timely configuration changes


Postini Enterprise Anti-Spam Filtering Features

In addition to all the features listed in the Postini Inbound Anti-Spam Filtering Features section above, the Enterprise edition provides the following:

  • Spam, virus, and content filtering

    Messages passing through the message security service are evaluated by several filters that can approve, block, or divert a message based on criteria you specify. These include all of the filters listed above plus the following:

    • Attachment manager filters - Messages can optionally be filtered based on the size or file type of any attachments.
    • Content manager filters - Messages can also be filtered based on key words or phrases in the message header or body.
    • Industry heuristics - With this optional feature, messages can be filtered specifically for users in the legal or financial industry (available only with some service packages).
  • Outbound filtering

    You can set up filtering of your outbound mail (messages sent outside of your organization) to ensure secure mail connections, enforce messaging policies, and add virus protection.