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What Is McAfee SaaS Enterprise Suite?

McAfee SaaS Enterprise Suite is a cloud-based solution that blocks over 99% of spam, fraudulent messages, and malware. It includes Email Continuity and can enforce policy-based controls on outgoing mail. The system also offers an Archiving add-on for your email storage needs.

Why Would I Want This Service?

McAfee solutions are powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence for the latest proactive defenses against known and unknown threats. This system is highly scalable to meet the needs of all organizations, making it a cost-effective solution.

In case of a planned or unplanned outage, McAfee SaaS Email Continuity enables Web-based email access, management, and use. This keeps business running as usual even when the email server is not. There's no hardware to buy, no software to install or manage, no backups to run, and no maintenance to perform.

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving is an optional service that provides unlimited, cloud storage for mail. This message archive is always up, never grows obsolete, and doesn't require the ongoing maintenance associated with hardware-based solutions, such as tape backups.

How It Works

McAfee SaaS Enterprise Suite shelters your mail server (1A) and primary gateways from public view, making it much more difficult for spammers to infiltrate your network. The Email Protection system (2A) is a cloud-based network that filters messages in real-time using a proxy-based approach, so there is no delay. Multiple filtering layers block over 99% of spam, viruses, worms, and phishing scams, preventing those emails from ever entering your network.

Outbound messages can be filtered (3A) according to the settings you choose. Using this feature protects your customers and your business reputation. Outbound mail can also be encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) (3B), securing your email communications and protecting against data loss.

McAfee SaaS Email Continuity (4A) ensures that your business communications can continue uninterrupted during an outage of your primary mail server or other disaster. A Web-based interface allows users to send and receive emails, still employing all other features of the McAfee SaaS Enterprise Suite. When your mail server is restored, the Email Continuity system will deliver a record of all message activity.

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Optional Email Archiving (4B) gives you unlimited cloud-based storage for messages. McAfee Archiving makes it easy to access old messages and requires no maintenance!