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What Is Shared Email Continuity?

With Sharing, a single server is used to provide simultaneous Email Continuity services to multiple clients by sharing server resources. The server’s resources, processor, memory and bandwidth are shared between many users.

How Shared Email Continuity Works

With the Webservio Shared Email Continuity solution, continuous email communication will be maintained during your server outage.  As with all our Mail Bagging services, all correspondence will be returned to your primary mail server after it is restored. Then your email communication will resume using your primary MX record.


Shared Email Continuity
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Pros and Cons of Shared Email Continuity



  • Costs less
  • Suitable for smaller companies
  • Can access email from any Web-based email service or POP3 account
  • Email appears to originate from your primary mail server
  • Actions of other clients may affect your service
  • Limited amount of storage space
  • No ability to maintain a mini-archive of email history in the accounts