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Branded Spam Filtering Features

1. Domain-Based Prices

The business model of Webservio is reseller-friendly and allows for unlimited expansion. You pay for the number of domains within your desired package and receive free alias domains!

2. Email Security Optimized

Our solution provides 99.98% filtering accuracy with close to zero false positives. Stop spam and viruses, prevent being blacklisted, and add optional email backup and compliance services!

3. Increase Margins

Deliver premium email security, differentiate yourself from the competition, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and build new revenue streams!

4. Integration

If you're a webhosting company, Webservio offers integration and automation plug-ins for: cPanel, Plesk, Parallels Automation, DirectAdmin, and Open-Xchange. The solution's API supports integration into any hosting infrastructure with one click!

5. User-Friendly GUI with 4-Tier Control

Webservio spam filtering solutions offer a multi-tier control panel with extensive functionality for different user groups. Admins, resellers, and users will agree: it's easy, it's simple, it's intuitive!

6. Private Label: OEM

Webservio solutions for resellers offer multi-level branding and white labeling options! Present your company as a full service provider with its own spam filtering and email security brand.

7. Great Support & Active Development

Webservio offers 24/7 monitoring, live support during business hours, and additional Premium Support contracts. All products are actively developed with our industry partners, featuring regular updates and new product releases!