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Internal Server with Multiple Filtering Gateways and External Failover

Internal Server with Multiple Filtering Gateways and External Failover Diagram

Your network contains the following:

  • Exchange, GroupWise, or any other brand of mail server
  • Load-balanced gateways that are equipped with anti-spam/virus filtering.


The following is located outside your network:

  • An email failover system.


Pros and Cons of Internal Filtering with External Failover



  • Using gateways frees up space on your mail server.
  • Having multiple gateways means that if one fails, there is still a backup.
  • External failover prevents emails from bouncing back due to failure of your server, gateways, or Internet connection.
  • High initial expense for specialized hardware that will eventually become obsolete
  • Product-specific expertise required by network administrator
  • Maximum effectiveness may require a recurring subscription for software, firmware, support, or filter definition sets
  • Utilizes more bandwidth locally in contrast to external solutions
  • If your external failover provider does not include spam filtering, you may end up paying extra to store spam along with all valid emails. In addition, when your network is back online, it will take longer for your email system to be updated since the stored mail from the external failover will have to be filtered.

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