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What Is Email Continuity?

Email continuity is a disaster mitigation plan that ensures your business can continue communication during downtime of your primary mail server due to natural disaster, hardware failure, and/or service outage.

Webservio’s email continuity solutions enable you to continue sending and receiving emails with your customers, vendors, and stakeholders during an outage of your primary mail server.

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Customer Testimonials

"...you do always take care of us and give us top priority."
- LDA Engineering

"Thanks so much for your help and the smooth transition."
- Estee Bedding

"You have been a pleasure to work with and your customer service skills are outstanding."
- Neil Forster



Why Is Email Continuity Related to Business Continuity?

Email is crucial to business communications. In the event of a malfunction or natural disaster, maintaining business continuity often depends on email continuity (aka Exchange continuity). An email recovery plan has to be independent of your primary server technology ( e.g. Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Groupwise, etc.). Unfortunately, most disaster recovery and business continuity plans overlook email continuity, or some organizations decide the cost of an email continuity solution is too high.

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